A powerful dictator has
everything he needs to
conquer the world...

...except a grasp of basic geography.

Now available now on PC, Android, and iOS!

What on Earth is this?

    In Forgetful Dictator, knowledge is power. Conquer countries by simply learning their names. Answer trivia questions, survive time trials, identify national flags and capitals. Can you defeat your emperor’s oldest enemy, the tyrannosaurus tyrant? And his true nemesis, forgetfulness?

Forgetful Dictator is a hilarious geography game with strategy elements, somehow suitable for all ages. It’s the weirdest way to teach yourself about the world!

What are the features?

  • Conquer the world: 180+ countries to learn and conquer
  • Triumph over trivia: hundreds of questions, flags, and capitals to learn
  • Defeat the Dino Dictator: or not, he’s actually quite a nice guy
  • Get strategic: manage your resources carefully to succeed
  • Unlock rewards: including different game modes
  • Challenge yourself: with hardcore options and achievements

Developed by:

If you have any questions or queries please contact eben@pleaseknowmore.com

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