Eben Krissansen-Totton
(Please Know More)

Release Date:
September 2019

Mobile planned



In Forgetful Dictator, knowledge is power. Conquer countries by simply learning their names. Answer trivia questions, survive time trials, identify national flags and capitals. Can you defeat your emperor’s oldest enemy, the tyrannosaurus tyrant? And his true nemesis, forgetfulness?

Forgetful Dictator is a hilarious geography quiz game with strategy elements, somehow suitable for all ages. It’s the weirdest way to teach yourself about the world!


Please Know More is a passion project from first-time Kiwi developer Eben Krissansen-Totton. For over a year, Eben has been pouring his spare hours into designing, coding, and producing the dumbest thing he’s ever thought of – a geography game about conquering the world.

Frustrated with the lack of fun learning experiences for adults, Eben believes that games can be an entertaining distraction and an educational experience: self-educate while you procrastinate!

It is his hope that Forgetful Dictator will be as fun and informative to players has it has been for him to create.


  • Conquer the world: 180+ countries and territories to learn and conquer.
  • Triumph over trivia: hundreds of thoughtful trivia questions to answer, chosen for their useful or surprising facts. Less “3rd highest mountain in Asia”, and more “Which countries have nuclear weapons?”
  • Defeat the Dino Dictator: the dino can conquer countries, forcing you to answer specific trivia questions about them. But he’s a very nice and deserving person, best just to let him have it. 
  • Get strategic: acquire hints from answering trivia questions, and use them to help name the countries. Don’t run out of armies or you’ll meet the firing squad…and get fired!
    Manage upgrades: on your quest for world domination you will acquire bonuses, complete missions, launch BlitzCraigs, and even fire superweapons (gently).  
  • Have a hearty chortle: with hundreds of hilarious dialogue lines, you can laugh while you learn! Every character is a different flavour of dork.   
  • Unlock rewards: including different unlockable gamemodes, with modes that focus on flags and capitals.
  • Challenge yourself: with achievements and hardcore options. Can you become a master of basic geography?




Developer: Eben Krissansen-Totton (Please Know More)

Art: Jonathan Munro
Original Music: Jacob McNatt
Voices: Rob Townsend, Aditi Thirani, Kane Bennett