Forgetful Dictator for Schools

Forgetful Dictator is free for public schools and similar non-profit organizations. Currently it is only available on PC. The game is suitable for all ages but I would recommend supervision for students 10 and under as they might not have the knowledge base to fully engage with the game. It covers country names, flags, capitals, and trivia. Many of the trivia questions are quite difficult, so encouraging students to do some research while playing wouldn’t go amiss. There are options to focus on specific continents, and I would recommend those modes above others for younger students.

If you would like free copies for your institution, please email from your work email with the following information:

  • Your name and title
  • Your organization’s name and address
  • Proof of affiliation (e.g. school email address, ID, or webpage)
  • How many computers the game will be installed on
  • How you plan to use the game (with curriculum, as a reward, after-school club, etc.)
I will get back to you as quickly as I can with a single download key for the game, which you will have permission to download onto as many school computers as you have requested. Please do not share the key with students or anyone outside of the school, as I may be forced to disable it. This offer does not extend to home schools and private schools (or “public schools” if you’re in the UK).
If you just want to email me any questions or concerns you have about the game, please go ahead!

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